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Author Topic: Alternatives for Halloween gaming share yours.  (Read 201 times)


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Alternatives for Halloween gaming share yours.
« on: October 13, 2021, 08:23:04 PM »
Nosferatu are created when, after several feedings (no less than 3, but the longer the Vampyr manages to keep the victim alive increases the chances of it rising as an undead Nosferatu 50% after 3 feedings, + 5% per 10 extra days) the victim dies. If the transformation is successful it will rise on the night of the 3rd day as an undead Nosferatu Spawn (Mindless and dominated by The Hunger, with no control over it and unable to use the powers that belong to it), often it will head straight to it’s home and if the family lets it in it will drain everybody in the household.
As the Nosferatu “ages” it regains the use of it’s mind and human memories, at this point it can make some use of the most basic Vampyr powers being called a Fledgling.
With “age” all Vampyrs gain power except the Vampire Bride/Groom, these are created when a Vampire Lord/Lady receives virgins as tribute from the human townsfolk he keeps as cattle in the neighboring towns. These never will be anything but Lesser Vampires, but have some powers other Vampires don’t:
Enthralling song.- All those, withing hearing distance, who would be sexually attracted to the Vampire Bride/Groom from either gender must make a save vs spell or fall victims of an effect similar to the Charm Person spell. 60 feet and a -1 penalty to the ST per Bride/Groom singing.

Vampire Spawn
Vampire Fledgling
Vampire Lesser
Vampire Bride/Groom
Vampire Lord
Vampire Master

They are the lost souls of those who either were not baptized or ended up falling into the labyrinth of the dark arts and black magic.

They are characterized by their pale appearance and by the fact that they feed only on blood, which can be of both animal and human origin.
To kill a Bluatsauger it is necessary to face it directly, but the main difficulty lies in its morphology, since it lacks bones and its deformed body can also be covered with a dark and thick fur

In one of his fists he jealously guards a handful of dirt from his grave. The earth serves to make the chosen victim swallow it, leading to an inevitable transformation. Contrary to what happens with classic vampires, the Bluatsauger only bites to feed, never to get allies.

You’ll know you’re dealing with a vrykolakas also called vorvolakas or vourdoulakas. If the creature, when feeding undisturbed, drains it’s victim’s blood and then eats their liver.
They do not decay; instead, they have a ruddy complexion, and are, according to one account, "fresh and gorged with new blood".
Since the vrykolakas becomes more and more powerful if left alone, one should destroy its body. This can only be done on Saturday, which is the only day when the vrykolakas rests in its grave. This may be done in various ways, the most common being exorcising, impaling, beheading, cutting into pieces, and especially cremating the suspected corpse, so that it may be freed from living death and its victims may be safe.

Vrykolakas do not create spawn.

Damphir? (the son of a vampire and his widow):
Shares the Blood lust, increased speed, strength and senses but unless it incurs in evil deeds it’s not repelled by the cross, bible or harmed by holy water.
Can’t be killed except by the usual means of disposing of a Vampire.

Unlike it’s Vampire progenitor the Damphir ages, but does so very slowly at a rate of 100 years per human year once they reach maturity.
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Re: Alternatives for Halloween gaming share yours.
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2021, 01:22:51 PM »
In Soulbound, I'm having a blast with the Flesh-eater Courts. Hordes of ghouls are the base, but the fun part is the infectious delusions & hallucinations that they spread that makes them (and sometimes their victims) see them as noble lords & ladies, knights & courtiers and their common subjects fighting the good fight to survive in a harsh world. Ragged tabards are seen courtly garb, sharpened bone clubs are seen as swords, feral screeches are hymns & battle cries...and the real fun begins when the PCs can't tell what is real and what is part of the delusion. This works best when there are multiple groups and the PCs may actually side with the wrong one and feast with them in victory!