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Author Topic: The RPG.Net SJW ban nazis are at it again  (Read 34570 times)


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Re: The RPG.Net SJW ban nazis are at it again
« Reply #765 on: May 05, 2021, 12:32:14 PM »
They had a conversation going on with frequent postings. After the ban came in there hasn’t been a post in over 24 hours. Do the mods at TBP consider this a “feature” of their bans in that these bans for badthink seem to cause other users to go silent? Or are they oblivious as to what their doing to the conversations that are otherwise maybe going along? Probably the first scenario at this rate.
Since Asklepios’ ban on Sunday there hasn’t been.a single additional post in 3 days. Sure looks like a “stifling” of discussion has occurred in a thread that was often generating pages of discussion in a single day.
The admin do not want 'discussion'. They want lockstep adherence to their ideas and slavish approbation.

Contrast this with here where a lot of us will toss punches at each other, but generally Pundit doesn't get involved unless (a) the thread goes wildly off track into politics, which he has specifically pointed out not to do, or (b) someone is just being a complete fuckwit (like matt swain). Hell, it's easier to just block the morons than get Pundit involved.
I’m tempted to post at TBP in that Order of the Stick thread an offer for them to take their discussion here, but I’m not sure that wouldn’t be considered violating some norm about cross-forum drama. I’d start a thread here myself, but I haven’t kept up with that strip in a few years.
You'd get banned for talking about 'a well known hate speech site'.

As has been demonstrated by the TBP mods, even discussion of certain topics can draw down a banhammer response.
Probably true. If a TBP user wants to diversify the forums they use they can probably do so on their own. For all I know that discussion died because those users have already moved where they’re having the discussion.