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Author Topic: Over The Edge - a few questions  (Read 214 times)


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Over The Edge - a few questions
« on: January 05, 2021, 12:10:52 pm »
Before i start asking you guis and gals about OtE a quick introduction. Also, if anybody thinks im shilling(im not but who knows, i really like this game and it may come across like it) just disregard my questions if ya like:)

So, i live in europe and i have acess to editions in other languages. And i have gotten a rulebook in spanish(it cost me a lot actually but ill write why i think it was worth it in a moment). There is also an edition in french but that i havent got it, only read some reviews on it;/

There are actuall diffrences from the earlier edition and the current 3rd english one. For one, the spanish edition has a diffrent date set for the game, it happens in the 1950s. Where the island is set i dunno yet, i read a review that the french edition had it located in the bermuda triangle with a big farm of butterflies that mess with causality. In the spanish one ill find out.

Why do i think i have gained something good with the spanish edition? For one, the art is gorgeous and quite sinister, it has pieces that really bring out the questions and inspire me as a gm(ofc your mileage may vary). It has archetypes thou, more than i expected, some quite ''edgy(sorry i had to do this pun)'' but overall they show what the players may do in the setting. Also there is a picture of the city that is not a map, finally i can say i now know how Al Amarja look like from the eagles panoramic view(a bit like Sagus Cliffs in Numenera Torment, i shit you not).. 

On with the questions;

How do you all find the 3rd edition? I read its way more gritty and deadly than the 2nd one and overall with less content.

Has anybody been able to compare the international editions with each other, and if so, what insights/opinions have you gained?

Anybody read the new anthology of adventures for the 3rd english edition? I havent but am interested in how they measure up.

The number of conspiracies is quite vast but, has anybody made any homebrew ones? I mean its quite simple, from ripping off the Naked Lunch Interzone ones, taking a few from World of Darkness to entierly original ones. Anybody had ones like these?

And the last quiestion, any stories anybody wants to share about this setting?


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Re: Over The Edge - a few questions
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2021, 07:09:02 pm »
Our group bounced HARD off 3e. It wasn’t as clean in mechanics as 2e, in our experience. And yes... with minor GM hand waves you’ll be scrubbing PC’s off the floor. The TPK was 2 times within 3-4 sessions.


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Re: Over The Edge - a few questions
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2021, 10:50:55 pm »
I haven't looked at 3e at all. 2e was what I played, and it was good.
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