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Gotta love that DnD magic system. It's so silly and illogical at times it just gives me a warm feeling inside. The nostalgia of spending hours discussing with friends about why it has to work that's beautiful, really.

Technicolor Dreamcoat:
Yeah... I was really sad that they did away with the whole armor thing.

"Wizards can't cast spells in armor, because of the metal."
"Ah, so they can't wear any metal, right?"
"umm... no, metal's fine. It's just... unwieldy, yeah, that's it. You can't cast because the armor is too heavy."
"So can a wizard wear armor when he's out of spells? Say, after my first-level character cast his one spell, can I wear chainmail?"
"Well... you can't."

Good times :)


ehhh hehh hehh...


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