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For those of you with several products out there, what's the landscape like as far as selling RPG products without interference from evil & unhinged wokists? What percentage of business comes from DTRPG, OBS, or other service that has demonstrated hostility to creators based on political reasons?

Darrin Kelley:
There needs to be more PDF and Print On Demand publishers for RPGs. OBS can't be the only one. I know Lulu exists. And I have used them. But what else is out there that brings in the customers at any decent level?

Competition in the space makes for better customer service. For certain. But competition would also give creators more leverage as well.

Shawn Driscoll:
Hostile Marketing. How very PC of OBS. OBS is slandering its vendors, their businesses, and the customers of those vendors.


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--- Quote from: VengerSatanis on June 27, 2022, 04:26:48 PM ---Some of you may already know that One Book Shelf (DTRPG) posted some new rules for content creators and publishers, etc.  Here's the link:
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That is insane. They will censor you and if you mention the fact that you've been censored they will censor you some more. Why would any writer put up with that?!?

--- End quote ---

OBS is a company. They do not censor, they decide someone is more trouble than they are worth (i.e. bring in money).
Also, some people seem to lack the reading comprehension or the OP was deliberately disingenious: OBS is not calling it the venger rule. An unaffiliated third party does. So, obs is neither disparaging the OP, nor their customers.

tl;dr: the op is a precious little snowflake who whined about nothing much happening to them at all

Rob Necronomicon:
Knowing that you have to work with these guys (for the moment at least). I think you're better off doing adult/mature stuff as per usual, but not pushing the boundaries with overtly and obvious religious preaching (aka - anti-abortion pics, etc.).

I'm not saying you shouldn't do that (if you must) but sell it on your own platform and draw attention to it on other social media. Grim Jim did that with a few of his products that he knew could be problematic.


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