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Tubesock Army:

--- Quote from: VengerSatanis on July 02, 2022, 10:07:47 AM ---
--- Quote from: Battlemaster on July 02, 2022, 09:13:33 AM ---Hey venger, someknenjust got perma'd at tbp for slightly defending you.

Which gets back to my question about where does satire fit on the spectrum of offensive? Like some comedians, the intent is to be loud and offensive, but in a presumably entertaining way. So to me, VS (since he's the obvious example here) is making fun of certain groups and attitudes with a gonzo but satirical heavy hand... primarily for entertainment purposes. It's freaking obvious to me that the material is not seriously political as much a cultural statement. He's not going to change anyone's party or who they prefer to associate with. I wonder if adding a satire and/or parody flag to a product would be appropriate for OBS? That way they can get product out and you know... generate revenue rather than generating policy like a fascist dictator. [That last part is supposed to be humor, just in case you don't get it.]

Heres's the notice.
After a six year absence you finally return to defend a notorious hatemonger with the “it’s only a joke“ apologia. You clearly have no interest in this community. Go away.

Oh they said this about you in the thread.
Darrick Dishaw (Venger Satanis) genuinely hates the people that he's satirizing. Outside of his game products, when talking about his actual everyday non-comical beliefs, he's stated that queer people are grooming children, among other things. The same exact thing said by that the group of over 30 Neo-Nazis who were arrested for planning an armed attack on a Pride parade. You think giving him a platform is okay because he expresses his violent real-life, actual sincere beliefs in a joking hyperbolic way when he's writing under his stupid pseudonym?

I mean, do you think that actual Klansmen and Neo-Nazis don't also tell the occasional racist joke about killing people of minority groups? And thus the racist joke is okay because it's a joke, and the fact that those people also want to kill members of other races shouldn't be factored into how we take it?

Of course they compared you to the kkk and nazis.

Man, announce a defamation abd slander case against them, take up a gofundme and go for it. Hell, go on rightwing media and claim you're being persecuted bya woke company. You'll probably pull in a lot of donations and be able to launch a lawsuit since then named you abd said you 'genuinely hate' people . How can they claim to know your emotional state and stqrenit as fact?

Even if the suit gets tossed you walk away with some bucks.

--- End quote ---

Yes, worth considering!

BTW, I have some news... DTRPG sent me a short list of minor changes.  I had layout make those changes and DTRPG will re-review Rainbow Crystal Utopia next week.  So, we'll see what they say.

Yesterday's blog post that says the same thing:

--- End quote ---

You're such a cuck


--- Quote from: Tubesock Army on July 02, 2022, 10:07:58 AM ---Or better yet, put another curse on them! Ooga-booga!

--- End quote ---

They're already languishing in the sub-mediocrity that is RPGnet; full of delusion, victimhood, soy Marxist revolution, and cringe insanity... what could be worse than that?


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