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Needed: Mad flute playing for CoC!

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For my CoC game, I need some fluting noises to represent (more or less) the servitors of the outer gods and their mad flute playing.

Anyone have any good suggestions or files I could snag?  I'm going to play it from my laptop during the session unannounced and freak out my players.


Look for Zamfir.  :google:



Sure...don't know how mad he is, but he's the only flute player who's name I can remember...mainly because of his commercials on TV a number of years ago. Keep in mind, the type of flute he plays is the Pan Flute.

Japanese flute music. Check out samples here.  Sounds a bit like an elk with their nuts caught in bicycle spokes. Moaning, sad, and full of pain.  They have sort of an alien to NA ears sense to them. If you were able to use some primative editting to rearrange bits of those tracks even more I think you could reallly capture a total madness feel. :bow:


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