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Author Topic: AFMBE Dwan of the NU You Archetype: Priest of the Pure Blood  (Read 497 times)

Kyle VOltti

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Here's my second Archetype.  a priest of the pure blood

Priest of the Pure Blood
Type: Inspired
STR: 2 DEX: 3 CON: 4 INT: 3 PER: 3 WIL: 5   
LPS: 34 EPS: 38 SPD: 114 ESS: 35

Inspiration (5)
Gift (5)
Increased Essence Pool (3)
Charisma (3)
Zealot (3)
Secret (3)

Humanities (religion): 4
Driving (car): 3
Rituals (Rites of the Pure Blood): 5
First Aid: 3
Writing: 3
Storytelling: 5
Hand weapon (Club): 2

Touch of Healing


None of this is your fault. It can’t be. It’s God’s divine wrath. If people had only listened, if they had only understood that what you were doing was righteous and just.  But now it’s to late for them. God has visited his judgment upon the earth and it’s up to you to guide the people through the end times into a new paradise.  You were reckless before; the last group you were with was obviously unclean. They accepted the presence of abominations amongst them.  You don’t know why they tried to kill you. This isn’t your fault it’s God’s will. Next time you’ll be careful. You’ll choose your followers more cautiously. They will be true believers of the pure way.  Why do they keep driving you away? Don’t they know you’re trying to save their souls? This isn’t your fault…. Is it?

Why yes, I do know why this is happening

Book of the Pure Blood with Ludd’s annotations
False book cover