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Name Lips:
MPSO stands for My Players Stay Out! :) First post is empty to foil accidental mouseovers. Please wait for the actual post.

Damn, I was hoping for Monty Python Silly Outtakes.

Name Lips:
The players will soon be looting the headquarters of an evil secret society that has been plaguing them from 3rd level. They're 11th now.

Said secret society is headed by a dying clan of Mind Flayers (history: mind flayers IMC were once a species of demon who were thrown out of Hell during a civil war, and have been withering ever since. These are the last of their race. Their quest: Find out how to reenter Hell and regain their ability to reproduce). These Mind Flayers have been running the organization from behind the scenes - literally. The people who thought they were the leaders of the org never knew they were under mental domination.

The Mind Flayers have been keeping extensive records on their activities. Their org has been manipulating events, infiltrating governments, funding adventures, supporting religions, etc., all across the world. Meticulous records of these happenings will be recorded.

However, what I need from all of you, are adventure hooks from this stash of writings. Here's a couple examples:

[date] Attempts to infiltrate the Thieves' Guild of [city] have failed. There is a new player in town who refuses to negotiate with our emessaries. Prominant merchants are turning up dead, including some whom we were funding. Must ascertain truth of matter.

[date] The Baroness of [town] has been easy to corrupt. A few vials of what she needs, and she's willing to drop our experimental mixture into the wells in the poor district. It will be interesting to see if the chaos [name] predicted will result, or if there will merely be a minor plague.

[date] We have been unable to penetrate the tomb of King [name]. The traps are more devious than we could have anticipated. The treasures there should fund our operations for three years - we need to get in!

[date] Been negotiating with the [temple of the dead]. Corpses are being shipped to our agents in [country]. The army will be ready soon.

[date] Deal made with pirates of [island]. We now have agents in the main pirate city, and easy access to the slave labor provided thereby.


I need a bunch of these. These are going to be the major hooks for the next phase of the campaign - where the PCs try to undo the evil the Mind Flayers have wrought.

Urgmod's insane attempt to become human was surprisingly successful.  So much so that she is engaged to the Baron of ______.  I can't believe we have sunk so low.  Of course, the rest of us have shunned her.  But I secretly sent her a special engagement gift.  it's always good to have an outside link.

(date a generation or two ago) Insertion of githyanki blood into (player's hometown) has been successful.  It will take time to see if the experiment yields results.

Have increased efforts at ripping memories from subjects, storing them in psi-crystals, and selling them on the high end black market.


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