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Most Useful d20 Supplement/Book You've Purchased

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Zachary The First:
What is the most useful d20 book or supplement you've purchased (outside of the Core Books)?  It can be an alternate rules set, source material, setting, whatever.  What book contributed the most to your d20 games, and why?

Oh, and the title should read supplement/book.  Too hasty, far too hasty.

Modern Backdrops.

Of all the books I own (and I don't have many), this location resource has influenced my games more than any.  I honestly can't conceive of a modern adventure that doesn't start out in one of the five cities laid out in the book.  Light on the stats, heavy on the plot hooks and details.

Strangely, Traps & Treachery.  It's got a new NPC class -- the Thug -- a Thievery domain, a few prestige classes, and a few wizard spells.  Somehow, though, every bit of the crunch has been useful to me at one point or another.  :)

It will soon be surpassed by Iron Heroes, though.  I'm stealing their skill system for everything, including Star Wars.

I have a few answers actually.

Monster Books: Definitely Tome of Horrors 1 - 3. You get most of the monsters from previous editions that they didn't include with the Monster Manual with ToH I. Numbers II and III contain all new material, but they're also very, very good. Also, a bonus for freelancers, they're all 100% open game content.

Alternate Rules: True20. I can't say enough good things about this. I like it because it leaves the stuff I like in D20 while streamlining the rest. Excellent, excellent product if you want to speed up your game play and prep time.

Setting/Source Material: Darwin's World 2nd edition. For me, it has become the definitive post apocalyptic game system ever. Great rules additions and excellent source material for a post apocalyptic game. Keep in mind that I say this having contributed a third of the material to D20 Apocalypse for WotC.

Mine I think so far would have to be Traps & Treachery for all the cool stuff in it.  Also Arms & Armor 3.5 is invaluable just because it gathers stuff fronm like 20+ books.


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