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Author Topic: Medieval Authentic Flavor Castles and Crusades Campaign Recruitment  (Read 237 times)

Iron Cross

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Attention Grognards and Old School Gamers

Every other Thursday 7 pm to 11 pm eastern time

Two positions are open for our gaming group.  The game is played using the Castles and Crusades system in a world which combines Homebrew with commercial products including Dark Albion and others to create a low magic fictional world which has an authentic medieval feel and flavor.   Our group is currently the GM and two steady veteran players.  Character creation is done on screen by rolling 3d6 and applying the scores where desired.  Available races are human, elf, half elf, halfling, and dwarf.  Available classes for each race are the typical ones listed in the PH for that race.  No barbarians or monks, and no evil alignments.

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