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Ragnarok N Roll:

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Which are you?
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The wife.

I'm a typical Gemini (for any of you who don't know what that means... I'm definately NOT like your wife).

I'm a love the game.  I collect RPG books just for the sake of reading them even if I have no intention to ever play them.  I certainly have favorites and tend to stick to them.  Now that I'm getting older though and my gaming time has started to diminish and other expenses have started to increase though I tend to spend less and less just sticking to 1 or 2 lines that I'm actually using.

Though if you put board game spending in with Game spending that's increasing drasticaly, mostly because of my wife.  She's becoming a board game addict.

The game.  The system matters, and the system impacts the gameplay.  If you change the rule system you are changing the default assumptions and what will be a 'smart move' by the players.  I can't really understand refusing to play other games.  It's like only eating chocolate ice cream.  It's good, sure.  But there's a lot of other good stuff out there too.

I think this attitude is more prevelent among D&D players because they assume other games are like D&D in that everyone (or most everyone) will need to buy a copy of the rules, and those rules are very involved and complicated.  A new game therefore represents a considerable expenditure of time and money.  Truthfully, most games require neither.  D&D is on the heavy end of rule systems, so most other games are less complex.  Therefore a single copy of the rules is sufficient, and it doesn't take long for everyone to get up to speed.

I'm far more likely to buy new games rather than suppliments, even if I have no immediete prospects of running it.  Buffy sat unused for about two years, and now I'm running a completely awesome Buffy game.  But even before that, a new game can give you ideas for the one you are playing, or change your perspective on gaming.  There's a lot out there, no reason to cut yourself off from it.

I'd rep you for that (but gotta spread some around).  I couldn't agree more.


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