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Author Topic: Talk about the cast of your current game and what they got up to recently.  (Read 287 times)


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Now, I'm playing a game using a system I've talked about in this forum before. It's a very JRPG-based system so there wasn't much to do outside combat, but it's still fun. Furthermore, our game rotates GMs and we each control up to three characters.

I will then proceed to talk about what happened in my game. You can all share what happened in your games and compare it to others and mine.


Mina Alvizu (Some Other Name), a greek demigoddess. Played by a friend of mine named Silver

Raphaela (Some Other Name), an half elf vampire. Played by Silver

OLETHROS, murderbot made to kill extradimensional creatures. Played by yours truly.

Maximum Ultima. Demon hunter with the emotional range of a brick. Dante meets Vincent meets Guts meets Devilman. Played by yours truly.

Vriddhakanya Kadlian. Edgy South Asian Woman who pretended to be a man to escape misogyny. Played by yours truly.

Umbrie. Genetically altered human that looks like a child. Played by a friend named Umbrie

Yuuko. Princess. Forgot most details. Played by Umbrie

There are also several NPCs but I'll ignore em.


Vriddhakanya goes to a Cow Man village, a village full of cow people (think: catgirls and boys but with cows). Acts racist. Sister of owner tells 'him' to leave. Vriddhy challenges her to a fight and wins.

Then the group talks to the owner amd then goes out to the mountains to train. OLETHROS gets into an argument with Vriddhakanya Kadlian about politics. They reveal themselves to believe the polar opposite things.

As the group walks back to the village Vriddhakanya Kadlian discovers that 'his' own kind is being enslaved. He goes into a fit and kills the Cow Man csptor, setting his people free of mental bondage.

This causes a shitstorm. Yuuko was also captured and appears here, so was the Edgy Man named Lucifer. Vriddhakanya left to go lead the village in an Exodus (but not before revealing HERself).

The four heretics, of which the slaves were meant to be sacrifices to, begin to come down one by one. All are Apostles. The first two are killed- one by Vriddhy, then by Mina and co, Lucifer is melted then eaten by Maximum Ultima as he is the real version. Everyone is fine with this.

Then Vriddhakanya meets up with the other group and decides to walk through a desert to find a safer spot to rest. They end up bumping into and waking up a green lion statue and run away from it (using Mina's power of flight, she mastered one of her power branches). Then they walk into a castle surrounded by an acid moat. Vriddhy tries to jump across it but falls into, and is carried out by Raphaela.

I should mention that Umbrie ended up DMing to where Vriddhakanya's group meets up with the other part. She added a lot of player-empowering mechanics that made combat easier. I don't want to add mechanics that negate this or remove her mechanics as that would just be rude, so I'm keeping them.


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My game doesn't have a "cast."  It has players, player characters, and non-player characters controlled by the DM (often me).  My game isn't a play, or a movie, or a musical.  So there is not cast to describe.


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My game doesn't have a "cast."  It has players, player characters, and non-player characters controlled by the DM (often me).  My game isn't a play, or a movie, or a musical.  So there is not cast to describe.
a list of characters is in fact a cast. unless you are incapable of making lists of characters for some reason.


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The 2e D&D game:
Vascar the (Human) Divination Mage
Aleena the (Human NPC) Cleric
Loren the (Elven) Thief
Al'Deer the (Human) Ranger
Thrunor the (Dwarven) Fighter

Just snuck into a keep using a secret entrance that Vascar's intelligent glove said was there.  They've battled or assassinated the drunken gnolls that have taken over the place.
Currently, they're at the edge of a possible TPK, entering a room where the gnolls are awake, sober and in greater numbers than they've faced so far.
They have a timer on them. They need to find an artifact (an intelligent gauntlet) and destroy it by touching it with the glove. It is wielded by a giant two-headed troll.
They'll also have to figure out how to open a magical prison to release a young fire giantess, whose father has amassed an army with intent on storming the keep and killing everyone inside if he has to, in order to get her back.  (1e's UK3: The Gauntlet)
If they succeed, we convert the characters to Castles and crusades, and run the Aufstrag series.

The 5e game:
Tim Thistle, Human Paladin
Vonbinn, Dwarven Forge Cleric
Orville, Harengon Artificer
Smoke On The Water, Tabaxi Rogue
Caellyn, Elven Bard
Thrunar, Half-Orc Barbarian.
Currently, they're clearing a bunch of goblins out of a mine.
Should be easy. 
Next combat after that will be killing an Yuan-Ti Cleric of Dendar the Night Serpent, who has been orchestrating kidnappings throughout the county, to send bound spellcasters into the Underdark. A Mind Flayer will be there to throw a Mind Blast and exit stage left by going Ethereal. The Cleric will have lair actions (small poisonous snakes coming out to bite the PCs), and maybe a few Legendary Actions/Resistances against the PCs, to make up for being outnumbered. Kind of depends on how the PCs handle the Mind Blast.
This will wrap up the 1st 3rd of the Night Below campaign, originally written for 2e.


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Not their names in the unlikely event that they are here:

Shadow of the Demon Lord, home brew setting, running a modified Red Hand of Doom
Group level: 5
Anush: Sea Elf (most elves in this setting live in the ocean), priest/oracle
Lung Hu Malun: Lungjing (setting equivalent of Dragonborn), warrior/spellbinder
Ling Yi: Crane Ye Shen (spiritually enlightened beasts who have gained a human form), rogue/scout
There were others, but they dropped out of the game for various reasons.

The group found out that the army of Trolls and their Troglodyte servants, called the Pale Legion, they are fighting has stolen a lich’s phylactery and are using it as leverage to get undead reinforcements. The party has recovered the phylactery and needs to disrupt the alliance somehow. They decide to follow the river to the swamp where the lich resides. They only have two horses for transport and with a party of four (there is an npc follower) they can’t all travel quickly. They decide, since half the party is amphibious, two of them will use the horses and two will go by river. At one point the party is split as the river diverges from the road. Anush, being a summoner, calls forth two monstrously large sea slugs and proceeds to surf down the river rapids like Poseidon in a chariot while Ling Yi, in her crane form, rides along on his shoulder. It should be noted he manages to do this despite being quite old even for an elf and only possessing one arm (one was eaten by a troll at the beginning of the campaign).

Stuff happens, including a few combats, and they reach the edge of the lich’s domain. There is significant cloud cover so, even with flying party members, they basically all fail their rolls to try to navigate the place. At the last moment Lung Hu Malun spots an unusual bit of fog that neither moves with the wind nor dissipates in sunlight. They all meet up again after scouting, but before they can discuss their findings they are ambushed by some swamp denizens. A trio of giant insects (ankhegs) attack from below the ground and nearly drag Ling Yi and Anush into the earth. This is extra traumatizing since Ling Yi is a flying creature and Anush is IRL a bit claustrophobic. They manage to survive and start heading toward the unusual fog. They make decent headway, but must rest for the night. Just as they finish making camp, they are found and attacked by some of the lich’s undead creations: emaciated catlike creatures with skulls for faces and long fangs that drip with venom that can dissolve bones (does direct damage to their strength scores). The party fights off the undead monsters and rest in preparation for entering the lich’s lair the next day.

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Nothing too exciting happening in my game at the moment, but I like the idea of this thread, so I'll try and contribute.

Dragon Warriors game, running the Lands of Legend setting (mostly) as written, with a campaign focused in the game's equivalent of the British Isles.

Olivier: Chaubrettan (French) Knight; Basically a Paladin.
Cassano: Erewornian (Irish) Assassin. Pretty upstanding guy for an assassin, interested in the old druidic religion of the region.
Galib: Mazazidi (North African) Mystic. On a quest for revenge against a demon, and not too interested in anything else.
Noxja: Krarthi (Russian-ish) Sorcerer. Bit of a shady dude.
Ernestin: Recently departed Kurlander (German) Knight. Left the campaign not long ago.
Astrid: Recently joined Glissomite (Scottish-Scandinavian mix) Elementalist. Just joined, has a mild grudge against the Queen of Elfland, who may have tried to have her killed.

Last adventure, the party was given the task of seeking a missing tax collector who disappeared into a demon-haunted graveyard. This led them to discovering the barrow of a legendary king, wherein the king's knights lay under an enchanted sleep, and being given a bit of a riddle to solve as to how they could earn the right to command the sleeping knights. Noxja also uncovered evidence that their current patron is planning a coup against the local baron. Initially he shared this evidence with none of the other players, but he eventually told Cassano and Galib. (This was a heavily modified version of the Shadow on the Mist published adventure).

The same patron tasked the players with rousting a gang of outlaws that had holed up in an abandoned mansion, and gave them a squad of soldiers to accompany them. The players guessed that he may be intentionally getting them out of the way while he plots his coup, but so far have done nothing about it. On the way, they encountered a druid NPC who told them the mansion was built over a tunnel leading into the nearby hill. (Again a heavily doctored module. This time, the Pundit's "Elven Tomb" adventure for L&D) The druid begged their help getting past the bandits, and Cassano agreed. Getting past the bandits required several skirmishes and eventually a frontal assault on the manor. The bandit leader escaped on horseback, but through a combination of the Mystic's psychic tracking and a summoned Wolf, they managed to track him down for a showdown on a moonlit hillside. Unfortunately for them, while they were doing this, one of his lieutenants escaped along with some of their other prisoners.

The tunnel led into the abandoned ruins of the King of Elfland's hunting lodge and an encounter with a Boggart and a band of goblins. I ran this encounter Goblin-Slayer style, with the goblins ambushing the players from crawlways carved throughout the complex. Pretty tough encounter. Ernestin got turned into a toad, and Noxja got knocked out by one of the Boggart's spells (he would have died, but his player was absent, so I gave him a little grace). But, due to some clutch spellcasting from Astrid who joined mid-combat, they pulled through. The players then had to solve three riddles to open a door into Elfland, where they had a social encounter with the King in his sweat-lodge. The King invited them to stay for feasting and fornication, but they declined. Noxja did hang around a bit to flirt with the Elf-King's mistress in her bathtub.

Right now, my players have to see if they can get to the nearest town to collect their bounty, and still get back to the Baron's castle in time to interfere with the coup.
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all of your games are interesting. i like how they're much less weirder than mine lmao (i'm not trying to stealthily insult your games, don't worry, they really do sound interesting).