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Mongoose put a page about not being a dick in their newish edition of Paranoia which is...I mean Paranoia is ABOUT being a dick. It is a bunch of paramilitary thugs raised in a dystopia with a Demolition Man like idiot culture and these poor people are out busting heads and purging each other so the crazy computer won't purge them and every damned one is a mutant and in a secret society which is grounds to be purged.

How the hell you play that without being a dick is...what? WTF Mongoose? You used to be the 2000 AD people and the keepers of Stormbringer while Chaosium was having their bad times! You did Starship Troopers and helped ADB put out the Call To Arms Starfleet stuff. Now this?  PARANOIA 'DON'T BE A DICK' EDITION? And I can't even explain Paranoia to anyone born after the cold war ended. 

Mork Borg is the work of Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell. Free League is their publisher.

Shawn Driscoll:
The Design Mechanism should go in the red column.

Armchair Gamer:

--- Quote from: Shawn Driscoll on August 03, 2021, 08:59:03 PM ---The Design Mechanism should go in the red column.

--- End quote ---

I’ve seen you make statements like this several times, but I keep missing the details. Care to explain for us slow folks in the audience?  :)

You could probably make a good start with the people signing this letter:


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