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Kobold Press's Midgard setting

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Darrin Kelley:
I got this recently. Midgard Heroes Handbook, Midgard Worldbook, Creature Codex, Tome Of Beasts, and Tome Of Beasts 2. SO I'm invested in the setting. But I haven't seen any negatives to it at this point.

It is designed partly by Jeff Grubb. Who created the Forgotten Realms. But Midgard itself is more of a mythic earth setting. And the books are massive.

I haven't seen anything negative about Midgard at all. No politics. No SJW strangeness. The setting is what it is. Presented honestly and out there.

And frankly? I think the setting is far more gameable than the Wizards official stuff. Midgard has something that should appeal to everybody.

So what I am asking here is simple. What do you think of it? What are your experiences with Midgard? Does it get the thumbs up or the thumbs down from you? And why?

Yes, I am aware Midgard was originally conceived during the 3e era. It's had time in the oven to bake and develop. I'm also aware that there are Pathfinder 1st edition versions of it. None of this is a negative to me. It makes the setting time tested and well supported by gamers. It's not just a flash in the pan that will disappear with a shift between editions. It's here. And it's here to stay.

Darrin Kelley:
And just to geek out a bit.

Void Dragons are awesome! Truly something beyond cool!

I imagine PCs encountering one to be a truly epic moment. Especially if you are using Sanity and Corruption. Like I do.

I too, bought the Creature Codex and both Tomes of Beasts in hardback, and the PDF of Midgard.
The monster books are great for D&D, and the world book looks good.

But as for them being Apolitical, you might want to check the list for their stance on white, cis men and such.

Darrin Kelley:

--- Quote from: DM_Curt on October 19, 2021, 08:47:41 AM ---But as for them being Apolitical, you might want to check the list for their stance on white, cis men and such.

--- End quote ---

I will clarify. I haven't seen politics of any kind in the books themselves. Not one sign of them. Just looking at themselves, they seem to take a fairly neutral take on character races. Nothing strongly favoring or condemning any of them. Which is fine by me. I prefer a more neutral dispassionate look at the cultures they describe.

As for the company's social media? I don't read it. I don't engage with it. Social Media is not my thing. And it is not my comfort zone to deal with.

I'm still a very much old school gamer at heart. I don't live my life on the internet. I don't post up my private details for public consumption. I prefer to live a pretty low key life overall.

I have all the monster books and a bunch of the short adventure books, plus Streets of Zobeck. I don't have the Midgard setting book.

It feels very like Paizo's Golarion ca 2010, before they went mad. Kitchen sink but some particular emphases - Steampunk, Eastern European & Scandinavian fantasia, and desert/Egypt. Those are all in Golarion too. More Fey perhaps; Fey are a big thing. A female Goliath Fighter IMC is (very slowly) falling for a Shadowfey Guardian NPC they fled the Carrion Shrine of Qorgeth & Crypt of Green Shadows with.

Compared to WoTC fantasy, it's darker and earthier, but not hopeless/Grimdark. It's good, I like most of it, it definitely freshens up my Forgotten Realms campaign.


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