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Kobold Press's Midgard setting

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Steven Mitchell:
I have the two monster books and some of the other ones that escape me at the moment.  When I was still running 5E, I pretty much used their monsters exclusively in place of the WotC monsters, mainly because Kobold Press seems to have a better understanding of how 5E is designed than WotC does.  Some of the KP critters are rather mean to players. :D

Don't care anything about clockwork, so that part leaves me cold, but liked most of the rest.  The setting I can take or leave. Parts of it are interesting as flavor bits, but don't think I'd ever use it straight, even ignoring the recent, later political posturing.  My settings often have a heavy Norse flavor, so obvious correspondence there.

Since I'm no longer running 5E, kind of academic.  Hated to see KP make the statements they did, because I've tended to enjoy the products themselves. 


--- Quote from: Darrin Kelley on October 19, 2021, 09:05:00 AM ---As for the company's social media? I don't read it. I don't engage with it. Social Media is not my thing. And it is not my comfort zone to deal with.

I'm still a very much old school gamer at heart. I don't live my life on the internet. I don't post up my private details for public consumption. I prefer to live a pretty low key life overall.

--- End quote ---

Amen, that's why Occule's List is so great. Just because I don't like engaging with the garbage that is social media doesn't mean I want to live with my head in the sand as to how content producers feel about me as a consumer. I get to put my money in the right place and live that yummy "low key" life.

Darrin Kelley:

--- Quote from: Steven Mitchell on October 19, 2021, 09:58:41 AM ---Hated to see KP make the statements they did, because I've tended to enjoy the products themselves.

--- End quote ---

I haven't seen those comments. Never knew they existed before this thread. And I still don't know what they are.

Manic Modron:
Midgard has often been tempting, but these days I'm pretty burnt out on how D&D 3+ manages things.

Might get the Pathfinder version and put it in a Savage Worlds blender sometime though.

Darrin Kelley:
The beef toward Kobold Press seems to be from one specific book. A book that can be ignored completely. Which I plan to do.


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