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Almost 24 hours left to go until the Kickstarter closes for "Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart", the heartbreaking, struggling, mundane, down-and-dirty table-top role-playing game about martial artists in the 20th century.

We're working towards our fourth stretch goal now and it's a great time to take part.

//James Kerr

Marc Tassin:
GUARDIANS OF AGTHOR, our fourth Kickstarter, is alive and kicking! It's a 5E adventure setting book where we reimagine the way "region" books are put together. Usually, these are designed with the traditional atlas/gazetteer format, which is cool, but we decided to take a risk and try something different (fingers crossed!) The approach we're taking is to present the content so each piece stands alone, whether it's an adventure site, a primary antagonist, a new monster, or a key location. It's like à la carte game content! The idea is that you can flip open the book, find something cool, and easily pull it into your game without needing the rest of the info in the book to make it work. Plus, we are putting it together so player's get as much use out of the content as the gamemaster, offering ways to weave the content into character backstories, inspire cool character goals, and generally create a better game for everyone. AND we still have a background framework in place that weaves all the bits together into a coherent whole.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!

Yeti Spaghetti:
FRIGHT NIGHT CLASSICS in now in pre-launch at Kickstarter:

Throwback, monster hunting adventure modules for percentile gothic horror RPGs of yesterday and today, our line will feature artists such as painter Frank Ordaz (formerly of Industrial Light & Magic) and illustrator Eric Smith, creator of the Moreduke fantasy parody comic. Our first module, "Horror in Hopkinsville," is based on a famous incident from paranormal history. Hope you will follow along and consider helping our cause to make horror gaming fun again!

Quentin Bauer:
Cthulhu Fhtagn, Raiders
We are approximately one month away from the RAIDERS OF R’LYEH: FROM THE TIDELESS SEA Kickstarter launch.

Take a look at some previews, and get the word out!

* Preview
* Character Sheets
* Maps

The year is 1900.

YOU are a crew of rogues and scoundrels, eking out a living on the S.S. SHANTUNG, hauling contraband and passengers, adventuring port to backwater port, day after weather-beaten day...

And then, on a storm-wracked sea, in a smoke-wreathed tavern, at the blood-stained altar of a savage land, you hear the whisper on the wind, the chant of the beast, the chorus of the mad: rises...

We designed RAIDERS OF R’LYEH: FROM THE TIDELESS SEA, our newest expansion for RAIDERS OF R’LYEH and other d100 GAMES based on H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘Call of Cthulhu’ and other mythos or pulp stories as:

* A tribute to the ‘Sargasso Sea’ tales of William Hope Hodgson
* The ultimate horror adventure open world/sandbox
* An epic, world-spanning, earth-shattering conspiracy involving world empires and cosmic forces (inspired by the legendary Masks of Nyarlathotep or Shadows of Yog-Sothoth campaigns for the Call of Cthulhu RPG)
* A massive world sourcebook and collection of toolkits for your own unique Raiders of R’lyeh campaign — or adapted easily for use with other d100 games or settings
With these toolkits, gamemasters may facilitate a Traveller-esque or Firefly-like type of open world game, where players assume command of a merchant vessel plying its trade in dangerous seas and eventually caught in a web of intrigue, adventure, and/or cosmic horror!

Or, gamemasters may use the toolkits to randomly generate factions, ships of all sizes and designs, adventuring NPCs (both seafarers and passengers), enemy timelines, scenarios, mysteries, set pieces, and dozens of other campaign elements — to be integrated into their own settings.

Our new upcoming expansion is now more than just a seafaring campaign. In fact, it comprises THREE BOOKS (totaling 560 pages).

Don’t worry, the upcoming Kickstarter campaign will include a deluxe version of the campaign, combining all three books into one tome.

The PLAYER’S GUIDE includes:

* Rules for the creation of merchant steamships (‘tramp steamers’) and their crews, and customization options based on in-game experience and rewards; also included are thorough rules for creating any vessel type of the era from a rough schematic, or even from a vessel’s gross tonnage — plus options for artillery and other customizations applicable to the players’ ship and to a wide variety of other ship types found in the setting.
* New seafaring backgrounds, skills, and other options for players including an upgraded mariner background plus resources for creating over 80 new professional backgrounds including ship personnel, passengers, and other ship-based adventurers.
* Various new game mechanics relevant to a seafaring campaign, in alphabetical order for easy reference, covering things such as: Communication and Sight at Sea; Damage & Repair (of ships experiencing things such as collisions, fouling, grounding, storms, etc.); Diving (and the creation and customization of diving equipment); Naval Combat (including artillery, torpedoes, mines, and even harpoons); Scaled Forces (including titanic monsters capable of threatening ships); and Survival (including new rules for survival horror at sea); to name only a few categories.
* Options for merchant campaigns, including voyaging, charters, and seafaring missions — plus an entire structure for running a tramp trade — moving cargo and passengers throughout the world — and leading a merchant vessel crew (or even a shipping company).

* Exhaustive setting information, character and faction generation tools and rules (including ship and character tables for creating on-the-fly stats and names of ships, crew members, and passengers from a multitude of countries), an encyclopedia of ship types — including warships, gunboats, submarines, merchant vessels, and a host of auxiliaries, among others — and other elements (e.g., custom houses, diplomatic missions, pirates, navies), plus an entire campaign creation section (with myriad tables for generating enemies, timelines, missions, plot hooks and more), to name only a few of the resources.
* Creation tools for ports of call, including a system for statting up various types of ports and other seafaring regions — plus a quick-reference table of over 140 ports, hideaways, and lost worlds of the era.
* Step-by-step instructions for creating a wide variety of (mythos- or adventure-based) seafaring missions, mission nodes (for investigations, explorations, voyages, etc.), and plot hooks — and includes an example scenario outline (‘Secrets of the Sargasso Sea’) illustrating the scenario creation process.
* An epic, world-spanning campaign involving Ancient Ones and other evils, powerful conspirators, seafaring cults, mythos minions, and an assortment of interrelating factions — with a lonely, isolated cargo liner caught in the middle of the chaos. And designed as a sandbox of tools (not as a railroad) — this is YOUR CAMPAIGN.
* New spells, occult paths, and monster rules for hordes and titanic-sized, ship-threatening horrors, among other resources.

* Over 65 heavily-researched, multi-page write-ups of ports of call, maps of key ports drawn from historical sources, campaign hooks (to be integrated into the world-spanning campaign, used independently, or synchronized with third party settings), faction leader dossier for every circle of influence, and hundreds of pages of information about the historical era.
* Other resources include a bibliography of sources, characters sheets, campaign maps, and other gamemaster tools — including complete stats for the merchant vessel, Shantung, plus character sheets for her key crew members.

Backers of the original RAIDERS of R’LYEH Kickstarter will receive a PDF copy when it’s completed.

Crwodfund Itchfunding Link:
Witasy Express: Here's a Solo Journal RPG that I'm trying to Itchfund.

I couldn't use Kickstarter from where I'm from and since I already have a complete product, I thought about using Itchio to share the game directly.

A short intro to the game: Witasy Express is a tabletop roleplaying game about exploring and experiencing wondrous sights while boarding a cruise-like train. Uses a standard 52 card deck. For 1+ players.

You are a normal office worker who had enough of work and decided to go on a long vacation until things got better. You went home after working the late night shift at the factory and were about to sleep but you couldn't.

So instead of going straight to bed, you decide to check the news. As soon as you turn on your television set you hear two newscasters talking excitedly about something called the "Witasy Express". This is a train boarding game with a budget, where you draw cards and travel to different settlements.

How I started this crowd fund:
The story goes like this... I completed the game and had quite a lot of playtests with it. From there I gathered that I could add more 'modules' or features into the game so that you can experience a more complete RPG experience. So instead, now I put the complete game in its current form.

And those that want to support the game can download it and I will continue developing the game. I won't say the game would be completed in 3 months but that's the amount of time I think I could develop and at the same time maybe market the Itchfund to collect the fund for designing, copywriting, playtest, etc.

I've also included a demo version for free so people can try out the game first.

So, although the game is 'complete' in its current form, the final vision for the game is what I'm reaching for. Not sure if I should open a thread for this, but I saw this thread and think it's appropriate.

Here's a link to the thread I made for this game:


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