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Almost 24 hours left to go until the Kickstarter closes for "Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart", the heartbreaking, struggling, mundane, down-and-dirty table-top role-playing game about martial artists in the 20th century.

We're working towards our fourth stretch goal now and it's a great time to take part.

//James Kerr

Marc Tassin:
GUARDIANS OF AGTHOR, our fourth Kickstarter, is alive and kicking! It's a 5E adventure setting book where we reimagine the way "region" books are put together. Usually, these are designed with the traditional atlas/gazetteer format, which is cool, but we decided to take a risk and try something different (fingers crossed!) The approach we're taking is to present the content so each piece stands alone, whether it's an adventure site, a primary antagonist, a new monster, or a key location. It's like à la carte game content! The idea is that you can flip open the book, find something cool, and easily pull it into your game without needing the rest of the info in the book to make it work. Plus, we are putting it together so player's get as much use out of the content as the gamemaster, offering ways to weave the content into character backstories, inspire cool character goals, and generally create a better game for everyone. AND we still have a background framework in place that weaves all the bits together into a coherent whole.

Please check it out and let us know what you think!


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