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Imagine if Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote a script for a Wild Wild West movie and Sergio Leone directed it.

My first Kickstarter, this is the game I've been working on for the past year. It is a prelude to the Princess of the Red Planet campaign adventure for the Warriors of the Red Planet RPG.

Coming Soon

Hi all, I create rpg content for a living and I just wanted to let you know about my solo RPG, Be Like a Crow. All the stretch goals have been hit so there's lots of little extras (including a crow mini!) for all backers. It's also been awarded Project We Love by Kickstarter.

All you need is a pen and paper, a deck of playing cards, and your unbridled imagination to take flight. This Kickstarter is for a solo-RPG that will allow you to become a crow and do crowy things whilst journalling your experiences. The softcover A5 rulebook contains everything you need to get started in a few minutes, as well as beautiful corvid-themed artwork.

If it sounds right up your street, you can check the project out here:
Thank you for looking.


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