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XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery, by Tracy and Curtis Hickman, hailed as "the cure for the common gameĀ¹," is a  tabletop role-playing supplement designed to improve every RPG you play.  First published in 2009, it's high time for a second edition. We've brought back the original creative team for a fresh round of edits, expansions, illustrations, and much more.

But my project, but some of the best OSR adventures campaigns have come out of Art of the Genre and they have a new a Kickstarter at . Like all of The Folio Series orange spine hardcovers, this one is written for both 1e and 5e and definitely has that old school fantasy feel.

Eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse!  I'm kickstarting book 3 of the Cha'alt trilogy... Cha'alt: Chartreuse Shadows:

The Mothership KS has gone live.

It's a $60 basic box set with the player's book (previously available in beta versions), GM book and monster book (both new) + dice.

There are higher tiers if you want their printed adventure/setting books or the pamphlet adventures.  There is also a cheaper pdf only tier.


Space Gits RPG
You are members of a Military Penal legion sent out to do those jobs no one else wants to deal with.

Fusing parts of the Cepheus Engine, OSR and OGL along with a lifepath system inspired by Traveller.

Softcover, B&W art, all by 1 guy.  Fulfilled via DriveThruRPG.  Already funded.

$9 PDF
$14 PDF + Code for @cost print
$21 PDF + Code for @cost print + GM kit

Due in April 2022


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