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Jessica Price goes ballistic on Paizo

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--- Quote from: thedungeondelver on September 28, 2021, 11:06:02 PM ---
--- Quote from: Ghostmaker on September 28, 2021, 01:17:08 PM ---
--- Quote from: tenbones on September 28, 2021, 12:22:45 PM ---What happens under the table, stays under the table.

- Mos Eisley Proverb

--- End quote ---
Unless you use high-explosive grenade rounds. Then it's all OVER the place.

--- End quote ---

This poster is my kind of scum.  Inventive and ruthless.  Thirty five thousand - plus your life.  Ho hoo hooo

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Sorry, I was working on upgrading my Combat Cyborg in Savage Worlds Rifts the other night. He likes using a grenade launcher loaded with high-ex.

But I get the reference. :) Sadly, no thermal detonators in Rifts -- yet.

I'm pretty confident your Borg with HE grenades doing Megadamage would have leveled the cantina.

MD do what MD do.


--- Quote from: tenbones on September 29, 2021, 12:30:25 PM ---I'm pretty confident your Borg with HE grenades doing Megadamage would have leveled the cantina.

MD do what MD do.

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I recall seeing a player in Star Wars Galaxies pull an AT-ST out of his datapad for a bar fight...

Stupid online games.

I had instant flashbacks of the Gamers thief... backstabbing with a trebuchet.


--- Quote from: deadDMwalking on September 24, 2021, 03:54:05 PM ---I don't know Jessica Price. 

But as anyone who has an ex-girlfriend knows, you can't spot crazy.  I mean, tin-foil hat or MRA shirt might give it away, but there's no sign of crazy in the photos pictured.  Making this a discussion about looks rather than behavior absolutely validates her points about misogyny in the workplace.

--- End quote ---

Off topic, kinda, but I've seen several players current and exs who were all over the place in how well they concealed or did not their madness and hate.

Its pretty much what D&D charisma is all about. You might look beautiful. But your personality can literally radiate hate.

People like Price and Sarkesian and others have a tendency to telegraph that they are false. Sarkesian in particular telegraphs she is a liar with nearly every word. But most just dont pick up on it. My mom and my aunt though were ridiculously good at covering to the point I did not know the scope of what was going on till after the fact. Neither of them telegraphed that they were being deceptive.

And it does mar her looks when the mask falls off. Which is what posters here are mostly picking up on. Something feels off.


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