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Jessica Price goes ballistic on Paizo

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--- Quote from: Ghostmaker on September 15, 2021, 01:04:13 PM ---We've got a few devs here: how would you have reacted?

--- End quote ---

Granted, I'm super small fries, but I'm always floored when customers/reviewers give conversational feedback like this. Not only does it guide me in improving my products in a way that my customers actually want, but the fact that a customer was engaged with my product enough to even want to have a constructive discussion about it in the first place is just the best feeling, because it means that I wrote something that someone actually, really liked, and they're telling me that they want to see more things from me in the future.

She got big mad for literally zero reason, then made it even worse by doubling down on her ass-hattery by name-calling when she realized people weren't immediately taking hers and only her side in the thing.

  Her problem, is she is a super insecure uber asshole.  When anyone questions her, her insecurity blows up into uber asshole, and she of course thinks people feel it is because she is a woman (and whatever check boxes she can pull out of her ass on command), failing to realize she is just a colossal asshat.

Is there a single former employer she didn't backstab? This is not only a pattern by now, it seems to be a full-blown psychosis. How is she not unemployable?

Thorn Drumheller:
Well.....well done WotC. Hiring such a talented and ....and .... and mentally stable person... I think.....

You think her current bosses at wotc/hasboro are in that 95% of game industry leadership that she despises?

Regardless, I look forward to the accusations she is certain to eventually make against wotc.


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