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Item/Soulmeld Slot Tracker


I've seen a couple of "item trackers" like this, with an outline of a character and boxes pointing at the item slots, enabling you to keep track of what you have where. But I haven't really seen any that also have room for soulmelds and associated stuff, so I made one myself. The essentia boxes for soulmelds might be a little unnecessary, since the point of incarnum is that you can switch them around a lot (making beads or something similar more useful) but I figured it wouldn't hurt to include them. At the very least, you could use them to note your "default" essentia configuration.

The picture came from HeroMachine. The most time-consuming part of the exercise was probably finding something to represent the robe/armor slot without totally obscuring either the belt or the bracer.

Edit: I noticed that the name for the "lenses" chakra is Brow, not Eyes, so I fixed the file. That probably won't matter to those two who already downloaded it, unless they use Incarnum (and hardly even then).


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