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Author Topic: [WFRP4e] Where can I find information on the Duke/Duchy of Telland?  (Read 325 times)


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The Guide to Ubersreik from the WFRP4e Starter Set has a location called the Emperor's Rest Hostel. It makes the following note:
"The fabulously wealthy Duke of Telland owns the impressive hostel. He won the establishment in a high stakes game of Scarlet Empress during Black Powder Week in Nuln."

There is no other information on this guy or on a Duchy of Telland that I was able to find. I did get a note that there was a sea captain "Lord Tellan" from the WFRP2e Shades of Empire book. I don't have TEW, so I don't know if this barely mentioned noble shows up in it. I also don't know if the Duchy of Telland has ever shown up on any map (and, if so, where is it located?).

Is anyone with exhaustive WFRP knowledge able to pull something out of their hat and point me at something on this guy (if anything exists)?


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Re: [WFRP4e] Where can I find information on the Duke/Duchy of Telland?
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Try this wiki.
I did a search for Telland and this was the only entry.  Sorry I didn’t have time to dig through it since I’m on my phone.  This wiki is pretty comprehensive so if there isn’t much they might have found an obscure reference in the canon and expanded on it.
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