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Introducing children to gaming/roleplaying

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I hightly recommend the Dungeon boardgame.

I got it when I was 9 or 10 and it was a total gateway drug.

The trick is to let them borrow your books by the time they're about 12 or 13, and absolutely torture them with stories about how awesome your campaign is.  Absolutely do not cave from the "16" deadline (or whatever age you initially set the deadline), or they'll think they beat you and lose interest.

Encourage them to start their own campaigns with their friends if they want to, and show an interest in how their game is going, but always with a touch of patronizing atmosphere, as if to imply that the "adult" game you're running is so much cooler.

God, how I warped my brother's mind. :D


Reefer Madness:
kids watching can get a feel for things, then some cases they want to bring friends, have to be careful of that of you might get a angry visit with parents who want to know what strange games your playing with their kids...

I used the now long OOP Marvel Saga game. The superhero theme, the cards color coding and imagery all aided in simplifying the speed of play (never mind that I learned not much older--8 to play Basic D&D, but it seems Marvel Saga clicked far better with my nephew and neice now 10 and 7..but they've been playing a while..) fortunatly their parents are gamers (mostly WOD so my neice calls pc's "garous" its adorable.)

I plan on playing Hero Quest...

...wiht my 9 year old nephew when I can make the time.  I played this with my brother, he's 8 years younger than I am, and we had a blast.  I plan on showing by example on roleplay.


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