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Introducing children to gaming/roleplaying

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--- Quote from: Dr Awkward ---One thing you really should consider is joining Sam Chupp's Yahoo group on the subject:  There, you'll find lots of discussion on everything you mention above.  Right now, there's a great discussion going on about non-combat scenarios.
- DocAwk
--- End quote ---

So far, the group seems really good, thanks.

I only just now realized that you are an independent entity.  At first, I thought that Dr. A/Dr. Avalanche had changed his ID for some reason.  But I didn't think that he'd moved to Delaware.

I tried the old Hero Quest (pictured above) and HeroScape with my daughter.  Both worked ok, and I am going to try more along those lines soon.  I think something that used miniatures and some sort of presentation of the room (drawing, gameboard, terrain), might make things easier at first to make it less abstract - kids tend to learn better with concrete things.  The problem is that most such games center on either dungeon crawls or combat, which may not interest some kids/parents.


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