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Introducing children to gaming/roleplaying

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A tangential thread with interesting links. People have roleplayed with kids the age of four, so no worries.

Thanks. I had actually had one idea--to take their normal play with Star Wars figures and add a "to hit" mechanic with some dice. That would be a simple enough start with something they are already playing with. I'll look into HeroQuest. The role playing/imagination side seems to be developing nicely.

I don't think I would ever include my kids in my own adult game, at least so long as they are kids.

look for the dungeon board game too! it is really simple to play.

Dr Awkward:

--- Quote from: willpax ---I am the proud father of seven and almost five year old boys, and thought it might be fun to slowly introduce them to our hobby (knowing that they will either like it or not, and not planning to force them into anything here). But I was wondering if the brain trust here had any ideas about introducing children to role playing and other gaming. Age appropriateness, genre, systems that would work well--how would you approach this issue?

--- End quote ---

This is one of my favorite subjects.  I have two daughters, ages nine and seven, who have roleplayed since they were six and four.  I started them with Teenagers From Outer Space, and we've played D&D, Bunnies and Burrows, and Pumpkin Town since then.  Right now, they want to try the Men In Black RPG, and someday I'll get around to that.

One thing you really should consider is joining Sam Chupp's Yahoo group on the subject:  There, you'll find lots of discussion on everything you mention above.  Right now, there's a great discussion going on about non-combat scenarios.

I've also been cooking up a section of my site to compile info for adults looking to bring their kids into roleplaying - it's still not ready for release, but keep looking for it at

- DocAwk

My son has been playing since forever. I started him off by reading to him with a different voice for each character. Then as he got older I'd play with him with his action figures (Ninja Turtles) where he's make up wild stories and all the figures would talk. Then he went on to RPG-like games like Hero Quest and Dungeon and some Star Wars thing. When he was about ten, he began playing D&D while we were on camping trips. Then we started playing regularly. Now at 19, he's co-authored four of my games and supplements.

My only advice is never to push, just lead by example.



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