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Interesting idea: a super hero setting enforcing a timeline.

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The premise is simple.  The author of this page took the golden age and silver age superheroes he liked -- DC, Marvel, and other companies -- as they were first presented, at the time they were first presented, and then runs the timeline out from there.

I understand why superheroes are continually updated and their origins continually creep forward in time.  And I understand why heroes change as they get new writers and new adventures.  But I think this is also a cool idea -- it was one of the attractions of Kingdom Come.  If someone ran a supers campaign like this, I'd probably be a lot more interested in the genre.

So, has anyone run a campaign along these lines before?

no, but it is a cool idea.  :)  really, i think it would have been cool to see a superhero universe where the characters are born in a specific year, and actually age according to passage of real time.  you'd be seeing the grandkids of the x-men, JLA, avengers, and the rest by now.  :)

Yes -- that was part of what was so cool about Kingdome Come.  You had a second generation of supers showing up.  The Incredibles, too, for that matter.

Of course, given the original origins of a lot of the heroes, many of the Marvel heroes could be second-generation, with many of the DC heroes first generation.  And you could have whipper-snappers like the Titans be third generation.

Cool idea, though I would have preferred it separated by "universe".  It would be nice if it included some of the "big events" along the way.  

Might be a nice wiki project to start up, if no other reason that "what if" is a fun game to play.

a big "what if" would definitely be fun to try.  say spiderman and the fantastic four started up in 1961 and are middle aged nowadays.  the x-men started in 1963, and the new x-men came around in 1975 to take over where the first generation move on to new things.

captain america would have been revived in the early 60s, having been gone only 20 years, and would by now have continued to age (age well though, he'd still be in phenomenal shape).  guys like namor and the original human torch (android) from the 40s could be just fine as human aging don't apply to them in the same way.  likewise, thor could be a superhero for all time, having reappeared on earth in the early 60s as well, in the "golden age" of superheroes.

everyone that doesn't have a reason why they don't age at a normal rate just gets older - it's healthy and normal.  ;)


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