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I'm reading some older D&D pdfs, specifically Ravenloft, and I'm a bit confused.

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I'm confused because I haven't read a single paragraph, word, or sentence where "Inclusivity" is mentioned. I have not been told a single time to create a "safe" roleplaying environment. No mention of X cards that can be used to force the game to a halt. Zero trigger warnings, which was strange given that Ravenloft is all about horror so I figured there would be something about setting "boundaries".

I can't find anything that tells me that trans characters can be made. Or that characters can be gay. How did players know they could do that back in the day without being told so?

How did D&D survive, grow, and thrive without all of the above? Personally I don't remember any of groups ever forbidding members from certain demographics from playing with us. But I can't see how that's possible since there was no guidance about Inclusivity.

My wife, whom I met by playing D&D, was never "raped" in game or "sexually assaulted", but without a passage in the books demanding that "consent" be a point of emphasis, I'm just unsure how me and my fellow players weren't just raging psychopaths in and out of the game.

How can any of this be? And of course without all the retconning to modern races keeping me safe, every time I read about Orcs or Drow the first thing I thought about was black people. Surely I'm not the only one? Luckily I'm protected from racism nowadays with "modern" race design.

I'm just left confused. Can anyone help?

Clearly you are deranged! I recommend reeducation. The camps are very nice this time of year, as you will notice during your mandatory 30-minute allotment of outdoor calisthenics. Please also surrender this contraband and likely fake copy of "Ravenloft."


--- Quote from: Monero on August 03, 2022, 05:34:36 PM ---...
I'm just left confused. Can anyone help?

--- End quote ---

STOP asking questions. STOP reading Anti-Inclusive Propaganda.

You might cause someone actual physical harm by doing so.

Follow Rytrasmi's wise counsel and report yourself to the nearest reeducation camp ASAP.

And always remember:

Greg Bruni:
I love the original Ravenloft setting.  I have always wanted to run it using the Solomon Kane game.

Jest aside, how are the 5E Ravenloft books? Curse of Strahd and VR guide? Is it good stuff or suit ignore?

And would any other system be better for Ravenloft?


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