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I interviewed Zak S. about Game Design, Books, Art, and TTRPG Cancel Culture

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Mind Crime:

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--- Quote from: Mind Crime on October 16, 2021, 01:07:19 PM ---Good to hear. If you do more interviews, would it be themed with rpg people who have been cancelled or faced controversies or would it be people in the rpg world in general?

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@Mind Crime, I just did a new interview with OSR creator R. Scott Taylor of Art of the Genre who previously worked for TSR and WotC, among other TTRPG companies. You can see it at

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Watching now. Won't get through it all in one sitting, got an aggravated old lady I am praying I pass my Move Silently and Hide in Shadows rolls. Trust me lads, this is one combat that is better to avoid. Thank you for taking time out of your life to do these.

Edit: Made my morale check instead and was able to go ahead and watch it all. Taylor said something later in the interview about DMing and the week leading up to the game. He didn't expand on it, but it got my wheels turning. I used to enjoy the week leading up to the game, getting ready for it. Now, I barely go beyond preparing a few outlines of possibilities. It's not about time or enjoyment anymore, more along the lines of, the guys I play with are assholes and no matter what you prepare for and how ever many angles, they will make it pointless. Lol. It's become easier to just ad lib and bullshit my way through it.

Also smart that he got his printing done in the states so his products should be on time, unlike printings coming out of China and getting hit by supply chain issues. Enjoyable and lighthearted interview.


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