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Help with half-formed setting concept

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Berger King:
Just knocking around some ideas for some campaign (which won't be happening for a while)


-Take a standard D&D type world (though I'm considering using Arcana Evolved rules, but not races or setting)

-X number of years ago horrible magical storms started in the North and began spreading. The storms are violent manifestations of wild magical energy. They kill, warp things, open rifts to other places, and additional nastiness.

-All the nations/races of the world begin fleeing south, many are overtaken by the storms and destroyed or changed.

-The refugees keep fleeing the spreading storms until they reach the southernmost part of the continent. The storms keep encroaching and the refugees are pressed into a very small space. Suddenly the storms stop spreading.

-The storms continue outside the "safe" area for X years. Eventually dying down to a low, but still dangerous amount.

-The refugees are all concentrated in one large city on an ocean coast with outlying farms. The areas that were not touched by the storms and can still grow food or support fish are very small. The government of the area must be very harsh to protect these food supporting areas, and therefore allow everyone to live (limited resources)

-People are just starting to venture out into the storm ravaged lands. Everything is different. Landscapes have changed. Creatures have been warped. Holes to other planes/dimensions are everywhere along with creatures and beings from those places.

I'm approaching this as a combination of the Mournlands in Eberron and the RIFTS setting, where basically anything is possible (though I would stick to fantasy).

The last city would be modeled on the city in Perdido Street Station, but without the guns/technology. I like the government as enemy, but not really "evil." The forced mingling of all the refugees adds a lot of hooks.

This setting would allow for virtually any type of adventure. The geography can be as open or as limited as I want. I wouldn't have to create anything until the PCs find it, and then I could change it later if I wanted by having everything warped. I think the city could be as interesting a place as the Outside could be.

What do you think? Ideas? Suggestions? It's a very nebulous idea right now, so I'd appreciate any comments.

sounds like you should read mercedes lacky (and i'm not saying this derisivly). there was a similar setup for her big world involving mage storms and warped lands.

David R:
Magical storms, refugees, a city modeled after Perdido Street Station...sounds great.

I think you could start dipping into some J.M.Harrison  - The Pastel City etc. You could find some useful stuff in there - just take out the tech bits, or not.

David R

[I like how he has to put a disclaimer on "You should read Mercedes Lackey", like that might be a mortal insult.  Or that comparing your idea to hers could be a mortal insult to you.  :p ]

That's an intriguing idea.  Obviously, a lot of people would have gotten killed or been lost along the way.  One thing I'd include is that some of those who were lost would have been changed by the storms.  Not Gamma World-stylez mutants, necessarily, but they could have been warped into something new.  
Some could have new, demonic-seeming bodies, while others could still look normal but be very alien mentally.

So is there anything specifically you'd like ideas on?  Anything you don't want?  You've already said no sci-fi; is there anything else you don't like the idea of?


--- Quote from: Cyberzombie ---I like how he has to put a disclaimer on "You should read Mercedes Lackey", like that might be a mortal insult.  Or that comparing your idea to hers could be a mortal insult to you.  :p
--- End quote ---

considering teh hat of "romatic fantasy" ala blue rose i've seen spewed forth, the disclaimer was the right thing to do.

you never can tell who will be a retard or not.


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