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Author Topic: Help me with my impulse purchases!  (Read 217 times)


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Help me with my impulse purchases!
« on: November 05, 2006, 05:21:03 pm »
eBay is just too tempting. Sometimes you get some really nice games nobody is currently playing. I've got some real treasures I use a lot from there, but also some bundles that are just sitting around in my poor, sagging shelves. It's just that I don't have the time to comb through them looking for the tasty tidbits.

So I might as well post some of the products I got recently, maybe someone of  you knows whether they're crap or not. If supplement "Amazing Doohickeys" has the "Bamboozling Geegaw" in the often overlooked Appendix IIIA, post it!

Bundle 1: Champions/Hero Stuff
Champions Deluxe / Viper / Kingdom of Champions / Champions Presents / Champions Presents #2 / Dark Champions / The Mutant File / Champions Universe / Classic Enemies / Mystic Masters / High Tech Enemies / Star Hero / European Enemies / Classic Organizations / Alien Enemies / Mind Games / The Zodiac Conspiracy / Challenges for Champions / Day of the Destroyer / Demons Rule / Roadkill / Invaders from Below
(note: I never played Champions and it looks rather daunting compared to M&M2, Godsend or FASERIP)

Bundle 2: Scarred Lands
The Penumbral Pentagon / Termana / Blood Bayou / Shelzar, City of Sins / Burok Torn / Hornsaw / Edge of Infinity / Secrets & Societies / Mithril, City of the Golem

Bundle 3: Rifts/Palladium FRPG
Rifts Gamemaster Guide / Rifts Book of Magic / Rifts Adventure Guide / Rifts Triax / Rifts Japan / Library of Bletherad / Ninjas & Superspies / Rifts Underseas / Baalgor Wastelands
(I do own both the Rifts basic game and the FRPG, 2nd ed.)

Thousands of pages and so little time...