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Help me name a race

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Since the last round ("group name") went pretty well, I thought I'd share my latest quandry, too.
Back in 2E, there was a book called "Viking Handbook" (or some such).  Pretty cool sourcebook, actually.  In that book, there is a new race called Trollborn.  The Trollborn are, basically, half-trolls.  But not standard D&D trolls.  Viking trolls are a smart and magical and shit like that.  Anyway, I pondered these Viking trolls a long while and decided I liked the idea.
I tweaked mine a bit, making them refugees from the plane of Shadow, having fled enslavement by the Illithid (that may change, as it hasn't been revealed yet -- maybe gith).  Anyway, they still have a tie to Shadow (thus, why I was pretty excited by "Tome of Magic" -- I'd been using psionics as a stand-in) and draw upon it for mystic abilities.
Anyway, I've been calling the race "trolls" for years, but still including the standard trolls, too.  The idea is that the local humans dubbed them trolls, while true trolls tend to roam a bit further south.  Anyway, I'm looking for a better (real) name for the race.  I've been rolling around variations on "darkin", "dirkin", "dyrken", etc.  I just really don't want the name to sound like "dark kin", though.  So, through some words at me.  Let's see what sticks.

Zachary The First:
Why not bastardize some Elvish and go with something like Torco-Dur, Durtorc, or Torcu?

Ottomsoh the Elderly:
Trollkin, Trowkin, Trokin, Troken, Droken, Droakin...

sceadu = shade or shadow


Well, Vörð náfjarðar means "night-roaming hag" but it might be close enough for your needs.


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