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GURPS: Star Trek Scientists and resaearchers, 2261 era....

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In my last game session my group of players 'rescued' a bunch of scientists off of a secluded Asteroid research base....afterwards the asteroid blew up - that was an intentional explosion to block or force away a Klingon battle cruiser.

So, the 12 Scientist NPCs are on player group's ship as passengers.
They may have to pitch in to help out - because the crew had 12 to 14 casualties in the fight with the Klingons. There was a boarding action and the Starfleet doctor was determined to save everyone in the crew. There are now 12 to 15 Starfleet crew stabilized or in induced comas.

My next game session is this Sunday afternoon the 14th

Anyone have Good Scientist character write ups that work for the early 2260s?

 If you post full GURPS characters they should be built on between 160 and 210 points. Also, they should probably be from known Federation races of the time period, the 2260s. That would be : Humans, Andorians, Caitians, Denobulans, Orions, Saurians, Tellarites, and Vulcans.

- Ed C.

No GURPS characters, or strong Star Trek 2260 lore, but I have a few ideas for session premises!  :)

All those crewmembers in stable or induced comas are great story fodder for "Space Anomies!" involving brainwaves and dreamscapes. I didn't like Philip K. Dick's "Ubik" but it could be a solid basis for a medical whodunit and serial killer chaser. Or you could have whatever lab experiments rescued from the asteroid suddenly become inordinantly active -- be it connected to the asteroid destruction or presence of bloodshed & violence. Even a ghost in the machine story works with all these critical casualties.

What the Heq is an 'anomy'? Or "anomies"?

That sentence of yours did not make any sense.

Was REALLY hoping people would post character or NPC ideas...

- Ed C.

Whoops! That should be Anomalies.  ;D Typing on tablet virtual keyboard can have buffering issues.

As for asteroid scientist ideas, it'd help to give a range of disciplines you are interested in.

Or maybe you can have a very sad asteroid geographer who specialized on that asteroid's cartography!  :D And now they have to spend time with the 'not Diana Troy' Betazoid psychotherapist about losing their life's work and purpose. Could have them on repeated away teams to rekindle their zest for a new object to map... and tragic backstory red shirt fodder.   8)


Not many of them around in 2261.
Their planet isn't even a Federation member planet until the 2270s.

The Asteroid was actually hiding an Iconian device and station inside of it that was thousands of years old - that rocky part started to cover it all around over the centuries.

- Ed C.


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