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GURPS 'Star Trek' campaign, NEW version, 10 years later...

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Jeff 37923 asked me a question - over in that train wreck of a Star Trek gaming thread.

Good 'ol Jeff37923 asked me: "By the way, how did your Star Trek campaign go for your friend?"

Glad you asked. Our first session we were supposed to have three players. One of them texted me that she would be 20 minutes late. That was fine, I had some already pre-printed NPcs that were usable as player characters.
She could jump in when she got to the place
We waited a bit, than the two players and I decided to go ahead and start playing - 20 to 30 minutes my friend who was hosting the game asked me to call the late player. On the phone the 'late' one waffled about whether or not she could make it to the House where we playing. I got signals from the other two to tell her "Don't worry about it. Don't bother".

It was decided to never invite her to another game session. SO, I had to run the game session with just TWO players I normally like a minimum of Three players.

So, we played at least two to maybe three hours.

It was fun, the characters were Starfleet officers between assignments in the year of 2261 and they are traveling in a shuttlecraft with a NPC pilot (also a Starfleet officer). Their destination was Deep Space Station K-7 (Yes, that place)

They encounter a strange phenomena, got attacked by a Klingon battle cruiser, then did a 'controlled' crash landing on a nearby planetoid. ....where they find....but that might be telling too much... 

NEXT SESSION - We will have more players - a married couple who wanted to play but they had schedule issues. Also their teenage son will play too.
Looking forward to it.

Pretty sure the husband of the couple will make a very good captain player.

- Ed C.

Koltar, what GURPS Star Trek rules do you use?

Your own? A DIY fan creation online? GURPS Prime Directive?

I've heard good things about GURPS Prime Directive, but I've never read the rules myself.

And why did you choose to not run the Modifartius 2D20 Star Trek RPG that's currently being published with the license?

  I think GURPS would be a great system for a Trek game.  I read a good deal of mixed reviews about that 2d20.

Good to hear from you, Koltar!  8) Sounds like a good time was had, albeit attendance issues. I usually say keep the day and time consistent, be ready to run for a tiny quorum, and be easy going on apparent flakiness because shit does happen ("show if you can, we'll be gaming as usual over here and now").

What does GURPS provide over let's say Traveller for running Star Trek? Can I run it lite to ultra-lite, a la MongTrav or GURPS Lite? What handful of skills (5) would you define as core essentials, and second hand skills (another 5) to run an engaging Star Trek lite game?


--- Quote from: oggsmash on May 16, 2022, 06:33:55 PM a good deal of mixed reviews about that 2d20.

--- End quote ---

The Modiphius game rules?
They have two BIG problems - the books cost too much, and that 2 D20 mechanic just feels a bit weird.

- Ed C.


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