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Hey all - I'm Todd Shaughnessy, one of the authors of the game HoL-Human Occupied Landfill.  Nice looking community you got going- glad to be aboard!

Hello, always nice to have a game designer on board.  :D

I will agree with the last comment.  Welcome to the group.  Be careful this and other boards can becoming addicting.

Welcome!  I can't wait to hear more about your setting, instead of just the vague hints Pooka has been giving.  :)

I've got HoL it's really, really interesting.  I mean it's not something I'd want to try and run full scale for extended periods.  But there is some fun to be had with it.  Much the same as you can have with Toon or Teenagers from Outer Space.  Only the very real potential exists that you'll be getting analy rapped by Lobo.

To be perfectly honest though and I realize it was a style thing, I would have much rather the game not be presented in it's chicken scratch format.


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