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Good Sci-fi rules sets

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What are the best rules set(s) you've come across for sci-fi RPGs?

Traveller d20 had the best rules I've come across so far, but they were far from perfect.  The skill system was good, as was the class-based feats.  And I loved a lot of what they did with the prior careers system -- though it had the inherent Traveller wonkiness (one guy has 1000 CR and a gun; another has 400kCr and a spaceship).

The thing I think I liked the most, though, was the lack of game balance.  While I think it would be better if the material rewards (money, stuff) was a little more evenly distributed, I really like how characters can have different levels of skill and ability.  Hell, if you want to have a character as an absolute n00b (1st level), you can do that.  Or you can have a grizzled veteran.  It really opens up the story possibilities, 'cause not everyone is going to have the same abilities.

I have to say old school Traveller was the scifi ruleset that I liked best. Star Wars d6 was nice.

One that I've seen harshly criticized, and I don't think it entirely deserves it, is the old Buck Rogers XXVc game. It was based on AD&D. I never thought it was all that bad. Not perfect, but not bad. Too often I feel people get it into their heads that they dislike something or feel it isn't appropriate for a certain genre, and just won't give the actual game a chance. Much of the setting info was stupid, but I did like the concept of Gennies quite a bit. No Humans Allowed is a book I still look at fondly for ideas.

I never even looked at Buck Rogers -- no interest in the setting.

I never played the oldest Traveller, but I played Megatraveller which, I believe, was pretty similar.  It was okay, but not stellar.

Cyberpunk's Interlock wasn't bad. Fuzion got a bit too points based.

Reefer Madness:
new shadowrun dicepool....its stat plus skill in dice, remove dice for penalties and roll what you got left. of course im a pool fan myself, though some people cant stand pools.


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