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Games you'd love to play, but haven't.

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I would love to play Mutants and Masterminds... I even went so far as to buy the book when it came out, but no one I know is running a game.

What about you? Do you have games you'd love to play, but haven't?

Spycraft and M&M are high on my list right now.

Vermicious Knid:
Mutants and Masterminds

Ring World

Darwin's World

Iron Heroes
Fading Suns
7th Sea
Paranoia XP


--- Quote from: Cyclotron ---Fading Suns

--- End quote ---
Fading Suns is a good game, I highly recommend it. I've actually played the original and the d20 variant (run by the author at Dragon*Con, in fact) and both were enjoyable.


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