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Most people have a few games they wish they had in their collection, but don't for various reasons. Three that come to my mind are all from Green Ronin; Testament, Trojan War and Damnation Decade. Anyone play these or see them in action? All three seem pretty darned cool to me, especially the first one and the last one.

I've not played any of those, hardly even heard of them.

Three games I want are Over the Edge, Dogs in the Vineyard and Primetime Adventures. Edit: Add Unknown Armies to the mix. Looks way kewl.

Dogs and PTA I guess I'll order eventually. I've been on the hunt for a copy of Over the Edge for a while now. Not easy to find, unfortunately.

I have Testament and Trojan War, but haven't had the chance to play them. Testament looks great, though, and really is different from just about any RPG I've seen. They really made an effort to evoke the mood of the setting.

The game I'd like to have is Ringworld from Chaosium. I like Larry Niven's Ringworld books, as well as his Known Space setting in general. The game I've heard is a really good adaptation, and has a lot of cool reference material that would be of interest to non-gamers. Over the past 20+ years I've tried to track it down, but the only times I've ever seen it for sale is on eBay, and it always goes for way more than I'm willing to bid.

Name Lips:
I wish I had the original Paranoia books. I found scanned copies, but they're not the same...

M&M, Spycraft 2.0, and all of the accessories to go with them.



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