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Game units of measurement

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Steven Mitchell:
Setting this up as a spin-off topic for an interesting discussion on another topic.  Feel free to post anything you've done with in-game units of time, distance, currency, etc.

For coinage, I went with:
1 gold duket = 100 silver guilder = 1000 copper bob

For size:
copper bob ~ US penny
silver guilder ~ US nickel
gold duket ~ US quarter

If you assume pure metal for those sizes:
100 copper bobs = 0.85 lb
100 silver guilders = 1.60 lb
100 gold dukets = 3.46 lb

I assume that coins have a 50% packing density. A 6"x6"x6" box will hold:
4085 copper bob (34.6 lb)
2569 silver guilder (41.0 lb)
2188 gold duket (75.6 lb)

Steven Mitchell:
For distances, went with "paces" and "leagues" as the primary units.  This decision is in part to make it somewhat vague to modern ears and partly to make in-game conversions simple.

Paces can be defined as 3', 3 1/3 feet, 1 meter, 5 feet, 6 feet, 2 meters or whatever the group wants.  Leagues are set at approximately 3 miles, but are really set to kludged historical 8 leagues is distance adventurers can walk in a day over fields or roads.  Because 8 leagues/24 miles are really easy to subdivide for the system in question and the expected scale of hex maps.  Thus, the pace/league conversion is not fixed.  Lose the fairy tale, "7 leagues boots" as a magical item that lets you take a day's journey in 7 steps, at the more historical approximately 20 miles, but I can live with it for hex conversion simplicity.

I have found in practice that I still give heights in feet, as the players have a mental block against using it for anything but vertical distance.  Doesn't hurt that most of the game is not on a grid, with paces being a little fluid even moment to moment.

I still use feet and miles. Battlemaps use 5' squares. Overland hex maps have 6-mile hexes, subdivided with 1.2 mile hexes (per Todd Leback's "Filling in the Blanks -- A Guide to Populating Hexcrawls).

For my players, I give distances in terms of time. For example, a normally encumbered PC can travel two hexes/10 subhexes/12 miles on a road in one day. This accounts for striking camp, rest breaks, stopping for meals, scouting, exploring, and setting up camp. If they wanted to move as fast as possible, I'd up the rate by 50%, but would make them easier to surprise in terms of encounters.


For a calendar, I went lazy. 12 months. 4 weeks/month. 7 days/week.


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