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Favorite dice system?

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The Thing:
I didn't see a poll option so i'll just ask what your favorite dice system is:

d100/ percentile dice system.

I like percentile personally. Used it in dark heresy, call of cthulhu and if i get some players i'll use it in Eclipse Phase.

Shawn Driscoll:
2D, Boon, and Bane rolls from Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition.

Philotomy Jurament:
Depends what I'm trying to accomplish, but I guess your're asking about a "system" or "core mechanism" approach.

I tend to think about probabilities in terms of percentages, so d100 is a natural fit. In practice, a d20 isn't far removed from that: the % to d20 conversion is trivial if you're only worried about 5% increments.

While I like multiple dice (e.g., multiple d6s) for certain things, I don't find such systems as easy to reason about and calculate mentally. That is, if I start off thinking "this PC should have about an X% chance of success in these circumstances" it's more difficult to calculate appropriate modifiers or target numbers if the core mechanism is multiple d6s.

Godfather Punk:
I'm a simple man with simple needs:
d20 to hit
Buckets of Dice for damage

But I like the simpler d6 dice pool systems too.

Steven Mitchell:
I'm more concerned that the dice used are a good fit for the mechanics of the system than a particular set.  Particularly, the scale of the modifiers should fit the dice used for the the mechanic and the system. 

I have a minor preference for a relatively flat curve, which would make something like 2d10 or 2d12 a good fit in theory.  In practice, they tend to occupy a middle ground that makes them an odd system fit.  Games tend to be focused on keeping it simple and moving, which often makes something like 2d6 or 1d20 a good choice, or they tend to be focused on more details and take enough advantage of what the dice bring to use more options or granularity than you get with something like 2d10.

I've soured a bit on dice pools in general and have never much cared for roll under systems (simple an aesthetic preference), but I've played games with pools and enjoyed d100 roll under enough to do them again.  I think I would prefer Hero System or GURPS with 2d10, but I'm am not as interested in generic systems as I once was.



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