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Drama In The Hobby - Trying To Avoid It Makes It Worse

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Hitting back at people that tell us to shut up about these issues.

Any thoughts on this you want to share?
Do you agree?

Great video, although I will say the biggest issue I’ve run into with groups that allow discussion is that all dissenting opinions are quashed. Like you can discuss these issues only if you align with the mods point of view.

  No one has ever changed their minds in an argument.  I do agree having it is good, because what it REALLY does is allow people who are questioning to listen and maybe go look for themselves.  People crush dissent for that very reason.   They do not worry about zealots on their side relenting, they know, often a great deal of the other folks around them just go along to get along.  Give them some friction to grip and things could change, thus, dissent is not tolerated.  It is pretty much everywhere now.

Yeah but when you just get ban hammered almost immediately it’s hard to make an argument


--- Quote from: Ocule on September 18, 2021, 06:37:42 PM ---Yeah but when you just get ban hammered almost immediately it’s hard to make an argument

--- End quote ---

 I agree, and it is the point about why the ban hammer comes down so fast.   I would also say, if you are at the point where you arguing the point of some foul culture elements in a game forum, you probably paid attention to the shift in the wind way, way too late.   By the time it hits gaming, it was already in several other places, but with lives to live, jobs to work, kids to raise, most people do not have time to pay attention to it until it starts hitting them in the hobbies.   


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