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Drama In The Hobby - Trying To Avoid It Makes It Worse

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Rob Necronomicon:
Good video, but it was a little broad in some regards.

What type of discussions do you want to foster. Are you wanting to bring in real world politics democrats vs conservatives. Or is it more on gaming issues?

Now, I love a good debate... And you can't argue with facts and logic (unless you are deficient in some way). I've been proven wrong in the past and I use it as a platform to grow and learn.

The problem with gaming is you can't reason with people who think that they are 100% right all the time and not open to the slightest criticism. And that the other side (us) are 'pure evil'. It's like dealing with a religious Zealot no matter what you put in front of them they cannot be convinced. No matter how paper thin their actual argument is.

Now, if gamers on TBP wanted to have a civilised chat to understand the other side, I'd be all for it. But they do not want to listen. Now, as time has gone on, we have got pissed off at the censorship nanny state and woke scolding. Constant ad-hominem attacks without any tangible basis is annoying. That's what drew me to Pundit's work some years back. I was sick of the lies being told, and the same babyish 'emotional' arguments being put forward to us ‘adults’.

Now, personally, I've decided to treat fire with fire and become a contrarian. So fuck 'em...  They can call me whatever they want. I offer them a two fingered salute. Now, I want to see a schism in the hobby more than ever. In fact, I want the small indie creators to take the hobby back underground where it belongs and will thrive and be unrestrained. That's always where the best art is created.

The woke scolds are more than welcome to have their commercial and banal WoTC, and other big names, games. Basically the 'America's got talent version' of the art. Basically, trite nonsense made possible by large games companies pandering to a vocal twitter minority. They can have it. :)

Their sanctimonious real world moralizing has no place in imaginary Elf games. Well, not mine or anyone else who doesn’t give a toss about it. They can play all that crap if they want, of course. It’s none of my business and vice-versa.

Have you ever seen these people debate anything?

It’s only the naive people that think there are any honest actors that want to debate.

Rob Necronomicon:

--- Quote from: Shasarak on September 18, 2021, 07:36:13 PM ---Have you ever seen these people debate anything?

It’s only the naive people that think there are any honest actors that want to debate.

--- End quote ---

In theory the idea is fine... But as you rightly pointed out, it could never work with that lot.


--- Quote from: CondorDM on September 18, 2021, 11:51:46 AM ---Hitting back at people that tell us to shut up about these issues.

Any thoughts on this you want to share?
--- End quote ---

Debate amongst gamers is pointless for two reasons: 1) There is no central forum or method where a consensus could possibly be reached, and 2) the divisive politics are being pushed by corporations, not by gamers as a whole. So even if 90% of gamers agreed on an issue, that wouldn't affect the type of RPG products that were produced my the largest RPG companies.

Yeti Spaghetti:
Wokism is an ideological minority attempting to force its views on society because it can't win a debate. I'm not sure how you're supposed to debate with that. Better to break away, ignore, form separate groups, and let wokism die an eventual death.


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