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Do RPG Designers Really Make Big Money From Kickstarter?

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There's some KS that fail. Some that succeed, and sometimes big. But there's also some that appear to be a big success but actually make the creators lose big.

Shawn Driscoll:
Keep the money for yourself. Or spend the money on artists, writers, book printers, shipping boxes, shipping fees, Kickstarter fees, taxes, and hope there is still money left for you to keep. Kickstarter is for democrats. Real creators that want to keep more of their profits and not be gate kept go to Indiegogo instead.

Most importantly though. Make damn sure you have a YouTube channel with a customer base established first before doing your crowdfund campaign. Have at least 100K subscribers.

@RPG Pundit, while these guys (the detractors you mention in the video) could claim that they made more money from kickstarters than you ever did, you can claim that they lost a fortune compared to you on any kickstarters they ran.

How many are genuinely trying to make their game, versus how many are grifting? That's the question that needs addressing.

I no longer back kickstarters ever since I got hosed on a couple.  If you put out an actual product, I will buy it.


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