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Diving into AD&D's Dungeoneer's Survival Guide

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Here in this video, Unscripted & Unchained discusses AD&D's Dungeoneer's Survival Guide. Dan Bloodworth is an Old School gamer, and provides an extensive overview of the AD&D's Dungeoneer's Survival Guide. Dan Bloodworth also comments on the artwork throughout 1E AD&D products, as well as the famous artists. Excellent commentary on the breadth and scope of optional rules provided for the D&D game campaign. It is interesting that there are vast rules provided for nearly every circumstance, environment, and activity, though again it is stressed that all such rules are optional. The scope of the rules provided allow a DM to pick and choose whatever rules desired, ramping up the focus and detail of whatever campaign element desired.

I have always used the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide, for many years now, and have found the book to be constantly inspiring and fun! Have you used the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide? Do you still use such books and rules in your campaigns?

I think in some ways that the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide and its companion, the Wilderness Survival Guide, have often been overlooked, or unfairly disparaged.

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Unscripted & Unchained Dungeoneer's Survival Guide Video

Big fan of the WSG. Probably also going to grab the DSG for a fresh look at it.

DSG/WSG completely raised my GMing skills by orders of magnitude. Both of those books, once implemented, made my settings come alive. They made my players appreciate their own actions in the game because all those little details they took for granted suddenly mattered.

I still carry those lessons with me to this day. They're some of my favorite GMing books of all time.

I think the world creation advice in the remains WSG solid and relevant. The DSG was useful, but not as much.

I always thought the DSG and WSG were terrific, but in online conversations, it always seemed that a lot more people hated them then loved them.


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