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D&D Wokists Kept Crying Wolf, now Accuse Disbelievers of Being Wolves Too

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It sure looks like the guy supposedly making "Star Frontiers" for New-TSR is a huge racist/anti-Semite.
But after #dnd Wokists spent years calling everyone they dislike "Nazis", it's unsurprising that #ttrpg gamers are finding it hard to believe.

If you dig hard enough, you'll eventually find a Nazi or a white supremacist or whatever.
Whoopity fuckin doo dah.

It may or may not be true, but if it comes from a social justice whiner, I'm just not going to care. An accusation has to come from a credible source for me to even start investigating whether it may be true.


They were warned that repeated misuse of 'Nazi' would come back to haunt them.

And now? It's like accusing us of being 'rayciss'. We don't fuckin' care.

Armchair Gamer:
Everything I've seen suggests the accusations are on target ... but nu-TSR is such an irrelevant dumpster fire anyway, I can't see the point in getting too exercised about it. If it were last summer, when it looked like they might actually be doing something, yes, but today? It's detestable, but it's just another step on their spiral downward, and about as relevant to the hobby as FATAL.


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