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D&D Wokists Kept Crying Wolf, now Accuse Disbelievers of Being Wolves Too

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--- Quote from: BoxCrayonTales on May 20, 2022, 12:01:57 PM ---Nostalgia is probably the reason. Tabletop gamers are very nostalgia-driven and will stay with properties solely out of that feeling even if it becomes unrecognizable. They're very selective in their nostalgia too and will have nostalgia for versions of their favorite game that only existed in their heads. They'll ignore genuine absurdities in their fav games that they wouldn't tolerate elsewhere.

I speak from experience. It's a toxic mindset that poisons you. I broke out of it and now I'm critical of nostalgia and these old properties. IMO, we should make new games with the benefit of hindsight and all the technical innovation that has happened since. We should embrace a diversity of settings rather than let monopolies hold sway.

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Very interesting observations. Nostalgia does hit hard. It's the reason I bought into DCC. You're right about technical innovation. There are a few newer systems that really nail dice mechanics and probably get overlooked by many because they don't use a d20.

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Oh, for fuck's sake! Not this bullshit again....

What is new is not necessarily better and if it is old and works, why fix it? Not to mention that the games that are played out of 'nostalgia' use d6 or d10 with not even a glance at the d20.

Why do I get the feeling that I've been gaming for longer than either of you have been alive?

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You grogs are way too sensitive about the "nostalgia" issue. There's nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. I started playing Holmes Basic over 40 years ago. The other day, I looked at a PDF file of this game, to jog my memory.....and it brought back some good memories, some good feelings. My point is, nobody here is saying that you only like your old elf game from the 1970's.....because you started playing it when you were 12. But nostalgia has been used in deeply cynical ways, in order to sell things that people don't really want. If 4e didn't have the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS TRADEMARK, then practically nobody would have noticed it or played it.

People's attachments to TRADEMARKS are often tied into....NOSTALGIA. That's not wrong. It just is what it is. No bigee. It doesn't mean your old favorite rpg sucks.

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Except for the ones with metaplot and lore, glorified fanfiction masquerading as a game that roped a bunch of people into uncritically worshiping them for having books and books of the writers wanking it to their own fanfiction and totally losing their shit whenever there are retcons or new metaplot events or blah blah blah. Those definitely suck. These are elf-games, not Laurel K. Hamilton novels.


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