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D&D T-Shirts


Just ran across this on the WotC website.  Some nice shirts, I think the Drizzt one is funny.  :)

D&D T-Shirts

Zachary The First:
This is the gaming shirt I want.

My wife wears this:

I have this one:

And I have a plain red tee shirt that I used one of those print-and-iron-on avery craft thingies to make the letters "NPC" on :D

If I was going to wear a RPG-related T-shirt, it would probably be this.

The most valuable thing I lurned in middle school was to blend in with the rest of society -- at least in appearance.  The only logo t-shirts I own are for industrial or metal bands.

Only way I'd wear a gamer shirt is if someone bought it for me and then paid me to wear it.  :p


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