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D&D Players: Why you might like Savage Worlds

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Years ago I ran few rules-light games. We had some fun with SW, but felt that BRP was even easier. Still I’d be willing to give it another try.

I support Shrieking Banshees right to shill for Savage Worlds.

On the other hand the lack of ballball spell means I am out.

Shrieking Banshee:

--- Quote from: Shasarak on October 11, 2021, 10:23:25 PM ---On the other hand the lack of ballball spell means I am out.

--- End quote ---

People only like it because its overpowered. Cutting it was good for the game. Same reaosn they havily nerfed the humpty-dump in 5e.

I know it was a typo, and I make plenty of those myself but I loved seeing abnoxious.

Being abnoxious is a gym thing where someone keeps going out of the way to show off their abs to someone else while working out to the point that it is obvious what they are doing, either to impress someone usually of the opposite sex, or to piss off a rival who has less impressive abs.

It's a real thing. Love seeing it pop up here.

Lord Dynel:
I’m thinking maybe someone should post this to the various dnd Reddits.  Spread the word. :)

I’d add that SW doesn’t try to push any real world agendas or try to make its players think a certain way (or seem attractive to those who already think a certain way) but that might start a different conversation and the point about SW being flat-out better than 5e might get lost.


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