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So, after seeing all my encounters devolve into "guy with guisarme trips opponent, all other PCs dogpile the guy and kill him with AoOs when he tries to get up," I'm getting kind of tired of the AoO for standing up from prone that was added in 3.5. So I'm considering removing that, returning a small part of 3.0 to my game.

The way I see it, even without the AoO tripping someone is a pretty OK proposition:
[*]Your other attacks for the rest of the round get a +4 bonus.
[*]Your allies who go between you and your opponent also get that +4 bonus.
[*]Your opponent can't make a full attack next round, because he has to spend a move action getting up.
[*]If you have Improved Trip, you don't even really waste an attack doing it, since you get a free attack if you succeed (at +4!).[/LIST]Adding AoOs on top of all those advantages changes trip from a decent option to a super one, at least against creatures likely to be susceptible to a trip (e.g it will be hard against huge quadruped creatures...).

So, anyone like to try to talk me out of it?

Not me and I'm thinking of playing a spiked chain, wielding trip specialist next character. I think it seems a much better rule than the one in 3.5

Although, an alternative would be just adding a maneuver called something like "defensive stand from prone" where the tripped character could take a full round action to remain on the defensive while standing that would negate AoO. That way if the character were in a hurry to stand, enemies could take their shots (IMO AoO make sense any time a target doesn't bother to remain alert), or the character could stand without provoking AoO but lose the ability to move far or attack (or anything else) for that round.

That wouldn't really fix anything as then the person has the option of standing up and getting lots of AoO and having half an action. Or standing up and getting everyones Full-attack action against them next round, including being tripped all over again. Either way you are totally screwed.

Well, he can get up and move and still suffer AoO just for moving, then still get at least everyone's basic attack against him as well when they all move up and hit him. This way, at least he's not stuck with the choice of either staying prone, incurring the penalties that brings, or standing and getting bitch-slapped immediately. Yet it would still preserve the value, for the most part, of tripping enemies (and the danger of dropping/falling prone in combat). I guess I happen to like that standing and moving provokes makes sense to me. It also keeps the Kip-up ability of Thief-Acrobats a very valuable ability.

Once up, the character would also have the options of fighting defensively or going on full defense as least until help arrives to take some of the pressure off.                        IMO trip should be a powerful manuever, and specialists in it should become a group's priority target.


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